Our family came to Oklahoma in 1901, six years before Statehood, and we have been farming, producing, buying, selling and dealing in hay products for more than 4 generations. Our home base of operations is in the limestone prairie foothills of the ancient Wichita Mountains of southwest Oklahoma.

We have six huge storage barns, loading equipment, strapping machinery, trucks and contacts all over the country.

We deal in all types of hay and hay bale packages.

In addition, we specialize in two unique hay bale packages that make the feeding job of ranchers, dairymen and equine centers easier and more cost effective.

They are:

  • Our proprietary "Slice-Rite" system that custom slices large square bales into 1'x2' mini-bales that are bagged and weigh between 30 - 35 pounds each and then custom palletized and wrapped. Each pallet contains 24 - 32 of our 1'x2' mini square bales.
  • Our 4'x4' premium square hay bales. Each bale weighs 1,000 pounds and contains 18 small bales weighing approx. 56 pounds each.

We have our own trucks to deliver hay or we use certified commercial contract carriers.

"Straight from the farm - to you for more than a century."

We are a hay producer and our family has been farming hay for over 109 years. We are typically a dealer that deals in hay that has been consigned to us by hay producers all over the country to market for them. We visit each hay stack that is consigned to us and closely examine representative samples for quality, chemistry and to ensure that it meets or exceeds our high standards.

Our primary customers around the United States are feed dealers, feed lots, ranchers, dairy farmers, horse owners, breeders, and equine centers.

If you need top quality, premium hay products - give us a call. You'll be glad you did.

Proud members of the National Hay Association.